Coverage Services

As a new service I am now offering coverage on screenplays!

You will be getting a script report from a produced Hollywood screenwriter (The Student 2017, Clone Hunter 2012) as well as insights from a producer and director (Boy #5 2021, Day of the Clones 2022).

What do you get?

5 pages of e-mailed script notes. One page of these will be a plot summary. Three pages will be detailed notes on Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Style, and Concept. One page will be a breakdown of how the script scores in each of these categories and an overall rating of Pass, Consider with Reservations, Consider, and Recommend.


“Wow. I loved this script… I think you’ve actually done a brilliant job of executing the concept. It’s smart, it’s thoughtful, it’s angry, it’s relevant and it’s a moving story”

  • Script reader for Robert Downey Jr and Brian Singer

“This isn’t just a decent achievement under the circumstances –it’s a film which serious genre fans should make an effort to seek out, and the first really important contribution to cinema’s take on vampire mythology for a long time.”

  • Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film on “Boy #5”

Why should I get this?

If you want to know your screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to edit your script to get the best chance of selling it, you definitely need coverage.

If you don’t know how an industry professional sees your screenplay, you are essentially selling it blind. You can spend a lot of time and money trying to sell a screenplay, so it’s best to get it evaluated first.

What makes this coverage service different?

Many coverage services keep the identity of their readers secret. This is understandable, but it means you are never sure of what you are getting. Often there is no guarantee that a reader will be experienced or familiar with your genre.

You will be getting notes from a working Hollywood screenwriter who has written several feature films. I am also a director and producer so I can also give you an independent filmmaker’s perspective. There are many aspects of a film production that can affect a screenplay’s chances. I can give you tips on how to remove elements that will prevent your script getting sold.

What does it cost?

For standard coverage you pay only £89. This is a special introductory rate and it WILL go up very soon!

Standard coverage takes two weeks to deliver by email.

It is also possible to get rush coverage in 2 working days. The fee for this is £150.


I also offer one hour consultations during which we can discuss your script and any aspect of filmmaking you wish me to discuss. The fee for this is £40. If you wish me to discuss your script you must purchase standard coverage first.

How do I order coverage?

Send an email to with the subject line “Coverage” and request coverage with your name in the body of the email. I will then send you payment details.

If you require rush coverage please let me know in the body of the email.

Once we have your payment you can send the script. Please send it in either FinalDraft, .doc, .docx , .rtf or .pdf formats.

If you require a British perspective please let me know.

We guarantee your satisfaction! If you are dissatisfied with the service provided I will happily refund the fee paid provided you notify me within 14 days.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!