For fans of Stephen King and Anne Rice. A novel about two immortal werewolves who battle through the centuries trying to find the mystical Cure for their affliction.

“Milton is a small, industrial Northern England town where nothing ever happens… but all that is about to change. When grieving schoolteacher Megan rents her spare room to enigmatic loner Amon she starts to suspect something about her lodger is odd. He spends his nights studying maps of the town, looking for something in its ancient past. Soon, bizarre events occur: people go missing, graves are robbed, and a terrifying beast stalks human prey at night.” link:      link:



A collection of horror and science-fiction short stories in the vein of The Twilight Zone.

A troubled married couple inherits a cottage once owned by a legendary witch… a family pet develops disturbing tastes… A Roman legion encounters monsters in ancient Scotland… a scientist must protect his girlfriend from his own homicidal clones… and many more stories of terror and imagination.

What readers say:

“A horror collection worthy of your attention”

“Sure to be one of the greats some day” link:      link:



A superhero novella!

The Warp is a superhero of almost godlike power, an alien from a long-dead planet. Although the people of Earth regard their protector with awe, to him they are little more than ants. When another survivor from his home planet threatens to destroy the universe only The Warp can stop the menace. Trouble is, does he want to? link: link:



When the executives of a California perfume company start dying from mysterious animal attacks a down-at-heel LAPD detective teams up with a repressed FBI agent to uncover the truth — that a creature out of legend is stalking the City of Angels with an agenda of its own. link:    link:


Over the years I’ve had a lot of short stories published. You can find some of them on my Amazon author page here: