A New British Horror Feature Film!

Well, I probably should have been updating this blog a lot more. Sheesh! But we’ve been busy. Oh, yes. Our little hands have been actively making a new feature film!

“DAY OF THE CLONES” is a brand new British made sci-fi horror feature film. And what is more, we’ve been making it all through lockdown! Our new production company based in Manchester, England has been hard at work circumnavigating the Covid lockdown regulations to bring you a brand new horror movie.

We are now more than 20 days into filming ! But this is not your average small scale, contained horror film about a cabin in the woods. Would we ever do anything that simple? No sir! Nothing that simple for us. This is a post apocalyptic sci-fi horror feature that is big in scope and takes place in the middle of Manchester.

We have worked long and hard to turn one of the biggest cities in the UK into a post-apocalyptic, urban desert. Our film contains special effects, sfx makeup, prosthetics, soldiers, robots… and of course, clones!

The plot is being kept under wraps for now, but we have some terrific actors, several action set-pieces and a script by yours truly. I can tell you that this is the biggest, most ambitious film that we’ve ever attempted on a minimal budget. It’s been a challenging movie in more ways than one, not least because we have been braving the freezing weather to bring you some extraordinary shots, but we hope it has been worth it.

I’ll be bringing you more updates very shortly. But for now check out our Facebook page here.

Speak to you soon!

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